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Born in the Mediterranean
Born in the Mediterranean
Experience the scent of thousands of roses coming towards you while the fine rose oil nurtures and calms your skin.
Roses are widely considered the most beautiful flowers in the world.
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Our Promise

Pure Rose Oil (Rosa Damascena) and Rosewater
We always use Pure Rose Oil (Rosa Damascena) and Rosewater in all formulations.

Natural Ingredients. No Parabens
Natural ingredients are used in all formulations.

No Harsh Chemicals, No Synthetic Colorants & Fragrance
Natural ingredients are used in all formulations.

No Animal Ingredients
All our products are suitable for vegetarians

No Animal Testing
Our products are always tested on human volunteers to ensure they are completely safe and effective. No animal tests are ever performed on finished products or raw materials.

No Mineral Oils and Silicon
Petrochemicals such as paraffin and petroleum are avoided, plant-based oils and extracts are used.

No GM Ingredients
Genetically modified or genetically engineered organisms are avoided to ensure all formulations are as natural as possible.

No Chemical Preservatives
Where necessary preservatives are used to guarantee product safety and shelf-life. Only the highest-grade, naturally-derived preservatives are used.


We attend PLMA’s 2020 Online
“World of Private Label” on 1-4 December 2020

We attend PLMA’s 2021 Online
“Private Label Week” on 1-5 February 2021